Coffee Crush x Three, with Fenella Kernebone

Private: Michelle Ahern

Cold brew, latte, piccolo, flat white – whatever your coffee choice, most of us can probably agree the one thing that goes best with great coffee? Great company!

We sat down with Head of Curation for TEDxSydney, Fenella Kernebone, to talk coffee crushes and those that inspire her most. Mixing with a wide range of interesting folk, we thought we’d asked Fenella who her top three people to share a cuppa would be…and why. 



Dr Lou Bennett AM

Yorta Yorta Dja Dja Wurrung, Lou is a former member of legend trio, Tiddas, and during her 10 years with the band wrote a number of the group’s signature songs. She was also a member of Black Arm Band, has held various roles as a performer, musical and artistic director, academic and is just tops. 

I have always been a fan of Lou’s and although I have been fortunate to have met her a few times over the years, a nice cup of coffee and a chat would be fabulous. Lou’s passion for the retrieval and regeneration of Indigenous language through the medium of the arts and her focus on the sustainability of culture and music is something I really admire.



Genevieve Bell, AO

Ridiculously accomplished, super inspiring speaker about our future and technology. 

A cultural anthropologist, technologist and futurist who, among other things, is a professor at ANU, and the Director of the 3A Institute which was established to effectively and ethically manage the impact of AI on humanity through critical thinking. In 2020 she received the Order of Australia for distinguished service to education, particularly to the social sciences and cultural anthropology. Might need longer than just one coffee for a chat with Genevieve as she is such a fascinating person!



Jonny Seymour from Stereogamous / Kooky. Jonny’s work in driving sustainability across the Sydney queer community + creativity / innovation in terms of music production, support of community through music and events is fantastic. I read a great quote from Jonny describing the future of queer nightlife and culture in Sydney:

“there is a rise of beautiful events run by queer Indigenous people and people of colour. The scene is shifting from the traditional white organised events to gatherings that are browner, queerer, feminine, feminist, witchier, trans and non-binary, experimental and performance artist led”

I really have the utmost respect for all he has done – and for his continued love and support for our broad queer community. Plus he gives lovely hugs. 

Who are your coffee crushes? Why not join us at the TEDxSydney flagship event in 2020 where caffeine and the opportunity for wonderful connections are brewed by the crew at The Little Marionette.

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