Each thought, action, and step we take leaves a lasting imprint.

Studio 3:AM

Studio 3AM was honoured to create the opening film for TEDxSydney’s 2022 flagship event exploring the theme of “Imprint”. Through a lens of past, present and future, we were tasked to investigate and communicate how our decisions, stories and lives create an imprint and hold the power to define the futures we want to create.

Our goal was to bring attention that each step we take creates a ripple effect – our today defines our tomorrow. Ultimately, provoking the attendees to consider the question, “What mark will you leave?”

The film aims to acknowledge imprints that have a lasting impact.

Our approach explores how humanity leaves its mark, with motifs referencing storytelling, arts, culture, industrialisation, waste, and warfare. These visuals reflect the hope, strength, courage, hubris and greed that shape our futures. The use of pages, hallways and tunnels in the film guides the viewers to travel between past, present and future, ending with a hopeful vision that beckons us to question: what kind of futures do we want to create?

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