Here’s 3 hospitality brands creating a lasting legacy

Here are 3 hospitality brands creating a lasting legacy

Is there anything that brings us together more eagerly and enthusiastically than fantastic food and drink? Sharing drinks beside the water to celebrate a win. Backyard beers to christen a new home. Sunday wines for no reason at all but to get together with good friends. These simple indulgences over good fodder are the bridges that connect our combined social narratives. They are where stories are born and memories are shared. 

And, as rather spoiled merrymakers, we certainly aren’t short of options when it comes to food and drink. So, how do you stand out as a hospitality business? Well, it takes more than just being a product to be consumed or a venue to be attended. It takes guts to be different, to stand out and be heard. We checked out some of our favourite people in the business below to see how they do it.


Young Henrys

There are few beer brands that cultivate as much culture as the raucous beer slingers from Young Henrys. And, while their beers are downright delicious, it’s safe to say that much of their exponential growth can be credited to the way they listen and attend to their local communities. Their beer brand is an extension of the things they believe in and they never waiver from that. Adventurous, contextual and just plain old funny; their creative marketing initiatives also seem to always hit the spot with their consumers, which is an A++ from all angles really.   


Bondi Beach Public Bar

The younger sister venue from the people who brought us the iconic Icebergs Dining Room and Bar can be found nestled at the very centre of Bondi beachfront. And, while it’s only a few summers into its newly carved legacy, BBPB has fast become a favourite for those near and far. Why? Maybe it’s the experience from the likes of owner Maurice Terzini and his seasoned team. Or perhaps it’s the approachable mix of Italian meets Australian fare – a place you can sit in swimmers and enjoy the afternoon breeze and feel at ease. It’s a no-fuss experience that has patrons absolutely captured by its casual edginess.  


Riot Wine Co

In the age of mass-production and climate change we have never before been more focused on the effect our own consumption has both on our future and the future of generations to come. Enter, Riot Wine Co, the only company 100% stored and poured in keg and in can, meaning there is a significant reduction of individual wine bottles used and then discarded. 

“The beauty of stainless steel kegs and aluminium cans is they are not negatively affected by light (UV), oxygen or heat, they are the perfect vessels. “It’s such an anaerobic environment in can, not even any UV sees the wine until you pour it in glass – this is amazing for the freshness of the wine. It also means we only need about half the amount of SO2 to traditional bottled wine,” explains winemaker, Tom O’Donnell.