Here’s how flying can inspire better human connection

Brittany Lee Waller

I have to admit, I love flying. Not only because of the adventure that awaits or the sense of luxury or even the tiny, pint sized toiletries I adore so much, but because of the possibilities. The air is full of potential, literally. You never know who you will meet, what you will learn, or where a chance conversation will take you.

There is an undeniable sense of community when it comes to flying. A place where conversation is ignited, barriers – be them cultural or social – are brought down, everyone is on the same path to the same destination at some point, so why not enjoy the journey together while you’re on it?

Of course, being on a plane is a rare opportunity to disconnect, to quieten the noise of everyday life, shut down our devices (if we choose) and to enjoy some downtime while flying high. But, it also makes for the perfect time to explore how well you connect with others. How often will you spend 10 hours with someone from a completely different background to you? Perhaps they speak a different language, or have experienced a life distant to yours, is this not an incredible opportunity to get outside of your comfort zone?

I was recently on a Delta flight flying from New York to Toronto where I noticed three rows ahead of me, a woman was speech impaired, the passenger next to her noticed this and offered to share a crossword together. From afar it seems a simple thing, but up close and personal it was a kind and thoughtful gesture – a great example of human connection.

The sense of camaraderie that is felt between passengers can create a brief in-air friendship that makes the flight more than just a commute but an experience.

And while there’s something serendipitous about making a lifelong friend based on your seat chosen at random – there’s also a purposeful intention that comes from airlines like Delta and Virgin Australia who are about the ‘pursuit of better’ and go above and beyond to innovate and deliver that rewarding travel experience we’re all searching for.

The next time you’re flying high, just remember there’s a window of opportunity for you to create a new connection and they’re sitting right there next to you.

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