How Workspace Design Can Improve Your Productivity

Kristy Vella

The Home vs. Office debate has become more prevalent in a post Covid-19 era, and rightfully so, given the data and insight that has simultaneously supported arguments of productivity AND lack of connection. How does one answer that question?

What we can conclude is that where you work has an enormous impact on how you work – the longevity of your focus and overall ability to remain productive.

According to studies centred on workplace productivity, the most significant factor in determining an employee’s ability to focus is their physical environment. 

Work Club Global is a collection of members clubs and boutique, professional workspaces with locations in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra, as well as a network of global affiliates – built around the principles of workspace and experience design theory. They know that your environment impacts your behaviour, so they provide spaces that cultivate success and provide experiences that will allow every member to grow both personally and professionally.

So, what does it take to curate a workplace environment that promotes productivity? We’re glad you asked.

Recent studies have show simple hacks can effectively support and foster productivity including (but not limited to) – 

  1. Reducing Clutter – spending at least 10 mins every day making sure your space is organised
  2. Room Colour – Limiting certain colours that around you that evoke a negative emotional response. 
  3. Room Scents – Leveraging your sense of smell and what powerfully affects your mood, mindset and overall productivity.
  4. Different Spaces – Mixing it up and giving yourself options to shift your brain and keep you alert.
  5. Refreshments – Your body needs fuel for your mind to remain sharp.

The list of hacks goes on and on, but the sentiment remains the same: your environment directly affects your ability to produce results and get things done. 

The Harvard Business Review states that face-to-face interactions are by far the most important activity in an office and that their data suggest that creating “collisions” is key. These are chance encounters and unplanned interactions between workers, which improves performance. This is why we must look at how we redesign the post-COVID idea of a “workplace” and transform it into optimised work spaces that are designed to maintain productivity at a level comfortable by today’s employee. 

Work Club Global’s goal is to create a human eco-system that allows their members to feel connected, inspired, engaged, valued, seen and to be part of something bigger.

They showcase their welcoming ambiance and caring character that is consistent throughout each location with:

  • High-end designer furniture with warm, earthy tones – creating a bespoke atmosphere of comfort and ease. 
  • Their own signature scent! Stimulating top notes of grapefruit promote creative thinking, whilst stress-relieving orange evokes feelings of happiness, paired with earthy base notes of cedar-wood, reminiscent of nostalgic memories of pencil shavings to add depth.
  •  The Club space plays uplifting, inspiring and quirky music, lifting the energy. Contrastingly, lighter tunes fill the workspace to help members focus, including acoustic covers, soulful melodies and calming instrumentals. 
  • All guests are warmly welcomed by the Concierge upon entering the space, offered a beverage and a seat. 

There is no hesitation in concluding that the ways of working have changed, and our physical spaces must keep up. The rapidly emerging “Work From Anywhere” philosophy is in a constant stage of progress, keeping up with demand and results that are too impactful to ignore.

Work Club offers more than just a work space. Their uniquely curated spaces, hospitality offerings and exclusive member experiences, provide a place where businesses can grow to the next level.

To find out more about Work Club Global’s carefully curated spaces, concierge services and exclusive events to support the business leaders, creators and innovators of today and tomorrow, book a tour here.

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