Playlist: On Curiosity

“Being curious about what’s worth knowing, is possibly more important nowadays then actually knowing it in the first place,” says Michael Henderson, Corporate Anthropologist and TEDxAuckland alumni speaker.


TEDxSydney members are among some of the most curious people around and it is curiosity about new and fresh ideas that brings the TEDxSydney community together.

Our Partner Rackspace is working along with Michael Henderson to promoting curious thinking at the heart of Australian business, to drive innovation and fresh ideas. Michael will facilitate a knowledge-sharing session with some of our attendees at this year’s TEDxSydney to look at the different characteristics that make up ‘being curious’ and what they mean for an individual and an organization. Watch this space to know more about the results of this session.

In the meantime, as an ode to the innately ‘curious’ quality of our TEDxSydney community, we’ve put together a Curiosity Playlist, comprising various TED talks from all around the world.

Corporate Anthropology, Michael Henderson, TEDxAuckland

The Power of Curiosity, Richard Fidler, TEDxBrisbane

The Value of Curiosity, Emily Graslie, TEDxSacramentoSalon

Designing Curiosity, Peter Carney, TEDxJacksonville

Curiosity is the Greatest Act of Rebellion, Robin Ince, TEDxSalford

The Power of Curiosity- Amy Singh’s Chocolate Story at TEDxPrague 2013

James Cameron before Avatar- A Curious Boy

True Role of the Educator- To Cultivate Curiosity, Ramsey Musallam

Let Them be Scientists, Wendy Hawkins