Which industries are thriving thanks to COVID?

Susie Stokes

The COVID-19 pandemic has been the ultimate 2020 disrupter. The world as we know it has changed, maybe forever, leaving no industry immune. Our attention has shifted too along with our purchasing power.

During all of this disruption, we’ve adapted to a “new normal” creating new ways of living and working. In the process, some industries have buckled whilst others have thrived…


Industries Thriving COVID

We’re learning to play musical instruments, turning to cycling as a form of exercise and the great Australian road trip is back in vogue as we look for new ways to holiday (as restrictions ease). Even Australia Post has seen a surge with e-commerce online shopping delivering a massive 26 million extra packages during the lockdown. While workwear fashion has dropped off a cliff, video conferencing that has seen the biggest jump since social distancing came into force.


Working from Home (#WFH)

In our new socially distanced world over 4.3 million (or 32%) of Australians are ‘working from home’ since the pandemic started, according to new research from Roy Morgan. We need the internet more than ever to stay connected and video conferencing has been the solution to staying connected.

Video calls/conferencing is now suddenly a huge part of work & life as our socially distanced world reconnects online. Is ‘Interconnectedness’ the new buzzword of 2020? With Live and on-demand – video has become crucial to keeping companies connected and employees informed.


Video Conferencing

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started it has led to a surge in video conferencing as businesses and employees seek to ensure productivity remains high.

“In general, we have seen video consumption across our platform more than double compared to the same time in previous years. This is a fantastic indicator that particularly in times like this, the value of communication through video is paramount.”, James Thornton, Account Director, Viostream.

We can see the future of digital communications is definitely more than just text, and COVID-19 has proved online video is rapidly becoming the medium of choice for busy internet users. And now people are more familiar with and comfortable using video and video conferencing software to communicate. And it’s only set to increase with…

“51 per cent of people predicting their company will spend more on video compared to the year before”, according to PRNewswire’s survey of PR trends.


Viostream & TEDxSydney

“Viostream has been involved with TEDxSydney since day one. I enjoy the agile nature of the partnership and things can happen quickly and flexibly” – Remo Giuffre

Viostream is the complete online video platform solution – helping businesses since 2002. Historically, by live-streaming the TEDxSydney event, it magnifies the reach of each speaker under the mantra “Ideas worth spreading” making content available for people in any country, on any budget, is a cornerstone of TED’s success. Things will be a little different in 2020 as the event will not be live-streamed given it is already online.

So what “new normal” will you create to watch TEDxSydney 2020? Will you watch from your phone solo or with your family full-screen on your smart TV?


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