2021 Film Program

The TEDxSydney 2021 Film Program inspired filmmakers across Australia to tackle the theme, POSSIBLE.

We are excited to introduce the film program for 2021, which will be showcased during the Main Event, online, broadcast from the Sydney Opera House on 26 November.

“It was an incredibly tough year for the local film industry. Restrictions played havoc with production timelines and schedules. It was a small miracle that all these quality films were produced amidst the lockdowns. And fantastic to see some of the filmmakers finding inspiration from the challenges of the last couple of years.” – Peter Cramer, TEDxSydney Film Curator



Filmmakers: Chantel Covey Lane & Ame Delves

This film was created from a shared vision by Director Chantel Covey-Lane and Choreography/ Artistic Director Ame Delves. Fusing a shared passion for movement, human connection, the earth and creativity, this is the first film the duo has made together and is the first step into a larger piece of work they wish to conceive.




Filmmaker: Matthew Vandeputte

“As below, so above” is a personal reflection on UK lockdown, the state of the world and the struggle of being a (former?) travelling creative through it all.



Filmmakers: Richard P. Doyle & Ramon Samson

A young woman walks into a therapist’s office confident that 2020 is going to be her year; unlike the rest of us, she’s right.

The World Will Know My Name is a dark comedy for those of us who, like myself, really thought that 2020 was going to be the big one. A year with seemingly no end, it continues to toss us around even nine months after it drew to a close.

Only two entities had a really great year in 2020, the Covid-19 virus and Jeff Bezos, and I hope, having now watched this film, it is clear which one I thought would make a more likable protagonist.



Filmmaker: Andrew Morgan

The Sawires family is incredible. They’re 1st Generation Australians of Egyptian heritage that are contributing an incredible amount to the artistic culture of Australia. They’re a creative family through and through. In a visual collage of Super 8 home recordings, audio and modern day cinema cameras we hear about the sacrifices their grandparents made, the pressure to succeed and the ‘otherness’ of looking like you come from somewhere you only have visited a handful of times.




Filmmakers: Daniel Pollock & Tom Ward

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