4 people you need in your pit crew of life

Editorial Team

It’s very rare that you can predict life, it always has something unexpected in store for you, particularly when you least expect it. But, while you might not be able to anticipate the swings and roundabouts, you can certainly set yourself up for success with a great ‘pit crew’.

Now, we’re not talking tyre changers and oil drainers, but the essential humans that work round the clock so you can come out grinning in life.

Here are the four types of people you need to get you across the finish line, right on time.


This special human also goes by the name of barista, sometimes yoga instructor. They get you up and ready to take on the world and buzzed to achieve your goals for the day. Whether it’s tea, coffee or simply a life affirming chat over downward dog at 6am, they’re an absolute necessity and we suggest finding a rather decent one.   


We all need people in our lives that can inspire us to go the extra mile, sometimes literally. Often a personal trainer, an Osteo, friend or even just a work colleague; this person will be unconditionally enthusiastic about your journey so that you continually perform at your best. They can often be tough and mentally strong, but they’ll put fire in your belly when no one else can.

Time Keeper

These people keep you on track, in check and heading towards your goals. And, let’s be honest they most likely come in the form of your accountant. Financial specialists and TEDxSydney 2018 partner, H&R Block will be the first to tell you that the winning humans in life are the ones that know when to outsource to the professionals in their field. Why? So that you can always keep your finances in check. It’s no fun being the person that can’t pay their rent, and on the flipside, it’s amazing being the one who gets a healthy tax refund.

Teacher & mentor

What would we do without knowledge and those that pass it down to us? Probably not a lot. Teachers, mentors and those that guide us, they are incredibly important in this thing called life. Aligning yourself with someone you’re ready to learn from can take you from zero to sixty faster than you think. Maybe it’s your CEO, your wise old Grandmother or someone you found through networking, be sure to get yourself a mentor when you find the right fit.

So, now you know who you need, have you got your pit crew for life sorted?

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