Get your coffee quick and easy on event day: Here’s how

Editorial Team

The big event is fast approaching, and amongst all the energy and excitement, it’s important to start your day off right. Finding your way through the TEDxSydney crowds to the perfect coffee can be tricky, but doesn’t have to be. We enlisted TEDxSydney partner, and resident coffee experts at The Little Marionette to give us the rundown on how to get your luscious TLM cuppa without raising your pulse rate, or anyone else’s.


Make your way to the back, left corner of the hall. Keep an eye out for the animated Marionette and you’ll know you’re on the right track.  


Join one of the two queues to your cup of heaven where we will direct you to the next available machine.

Decision time

If you didn’t know before, decide on your caffeine-spiked beverage of choice now – espresso, long blacks, flat white, latte, piccolo, cappuccino, macchiato, mocha. Filter coffee will be available as a faster option and decaf and hot chocolate for the faint-hearted. Milk options include full cream dairy, soy and almond.  If you fancy learning more about where your coffee comes from, head over to the “Flight” bar to chat to our Head Roaster, Tyler and to taste a few different brew methods.

Order in

Place your order with the TLM team. Remember to ask for sugar if you have a sweet tooth.

Be courteous and be patient

TEDxSydney is a big event. TLM expect to serve hundreds of coffee lovers their brew of choice. Making hundreds of fresh coffees takes time. So, once you’ve placed your order, step aside to give others a chance and wait for your name to be called.

So Fresh, so Clean

Once you’ve enjoyed your bevy, please place your used Globelet in one of the many Globelet bins around the venue. Don’t worry! If you would like a second coffee, TLM will supply you with a fresh cup.

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