Make Your Fast Idea Come to Life

Sharon Timms

Eureka moments are rare. They often come at the most unlikely times – 3am in a dream state haze, slowly taking shape over breakfast coffee. All day long, the bones of the idea are tinkering about in your head, like an earworm of a song that just keeps on rolling around. However long it takes, the idea just keeps getting stronger until eventually, you’ve worked out a full scale marketing plan… or at least spoken to enough friends who convince you to get on stage in front of 5000 people and give your best ever elevator pitch.

The wonderful thing about good ideas is that the backstory is generally interesting and quite personal, much like having an apple land on your head so you can develop theories of gravity. An even better thing about good ideas is that anyone can have them. Fast Ideas, the fast-paced, pitch spot of TEDxSydney is the very best spot for you to flesh out those good ideas that have been floating around in your head, waiting for their moment to shine.

TEDxSydney is all about sharing ideas with the world, so they can grow, flourish and generate different viewpoints for discussion. No matter where you come from or what your story is, we are all human beings that can think, imagine and create, and that idea you have, the one that’s been hovering around in your consciousness, is perfect because it’s yours. And TEDxSydney want to help the rest of the world hear it!

That’s why we’re giving you the opportunity to participate in TEDxSydney’s Fast Ideas, 6-minute interlude hosted by Fraser Orford where we encourage YOU to present your ‘fast idea’ to the audience. It’s then voted on by the audience and *ta-dah* a winner is crowned. It’s a very light-hearted and fun moment during the day, and a step out of the regular, polished, programming of the official talks and performances.

You. Your elevator pitch. 30 seconds.

You don’t need fancy pyrotechnics, showtunes or a cameo from Rebel Wilson to impress the audience. All you need is an idea, a smidge of self-belief and a good dollop of humour and courage to make your fast idea come to life.

Thank you for coming to my super mini TEDx Talk.

Submit Your Fast Idea HERE


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