Speaker Announcement – 2021

2021 marks TEDxSydney’s 12th year and the second year operating within a global pandemic. We remain hopeful that the event will continue as planned, on 17 September broadcast from the Sydney Opera House.

Our theme for 2021 is POSSIBLE. With the numerous changes the world and our lives have seen over the past 18 months, exploring what is possible and what is no longer possible seems more appropriate than ever. As we look to the future we want to explore where we go from here, what innovations are just around the corner, what stories of ingenuity and resilience can we learn from? What can we discover about our world, our work and ourselves that once may have been inconceivable and what are some of the biggest challenges facing us today?

Across four sessions on the TEDxSydney stage this year, you will hear speakers from all walks of life who are showing us what is POSSIBLE … in science, technology, business, design, entertainment, innovation and beyond.


Grace Tame – 2021 Australian of the Year, Grace is an outspoken advocate for survivors of sexual assault, using her voice to push for legal reform and raise public awareness about the impacts of sexual violence.

George Peppou – Serial entrepreneur, inventor and co-founder and CEO of food-tech startup, Vow, transforming the concept of food through animal cell reproduction creating a new category of food that claims to be “sustainable, abundant and irresistible.”

Shelley Reys AO A Djiribul woman of far north Queensland and a respected Indigenous specialist, strategist and service provider who has been a leader in the reconciliation space for 30 years and helping the Australian workforce to work in the Indigenous space with greater skill and confidence. Shelley is the CEO of Arrilla and a Partner at KPMG.

Uncanny Valley (Charlton Hill and Justin Shave) – Uncanny Valley’s focus is one part musical craft, and the other sonic technology. They believe in the pursuit of augmented creativity and strive to define the ethical and sustainable role of emerging tech in the ever-changing landscape of the music industry. 

Tracey Rogers – Ecologist studying how animals overcome the challenges of changing environments including how whale populations have recouped from 20th century hunting and warming oceans; how pack ice seals cope with the loss of ice and krill in the Antarctic; and how Tasmanian devils cope with extreme population loss because of a facial tumour.

Sara Saleh The daughter of migrants from Palestine, Egypt, and Lebanon, living on Gadigal land. A poet, writer, human rights activist, and campaigner for refugee rights and racial justice, she has spent over a decade in grassroots and non-governmental organisations in Australia and the Middle East. 

“With every passing week we learn more and more about what is POSSIBLE … and what is not. I’m excited to see what our valiant curators have come up with for 2021. We need new ideas more than ever, and TEDxSydney is proud of its role in bringing bold and brave ideas to the forefront of conversation.” –  Remo Giuffré, TEDxSydney Founder & Licensee

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