TEDxSydney 2016 – Where Will You Be Watching?

This Wednesday 25 May we return to the Sydney Opera House for our seventh annual TEDxSydney and our third TEDxYouth@Sydney event. The venue will be full to the brim with over 4,500 people, but there will be many many more watching our livestream , dispersed around Australia and beyond.

We hope that you can join in, wherever you are, and come together with thousands of people around the globe for the biggest and best TEDxSydney yet! Here’s a few pointers about how to get the most out of this Wednesday’s event …

> Watch our special livestream broadcast

Our livestream is a special live broadcast of the main TEDxSydney event, hosted by Fenella Kernebone and featuring talks from the main stage interspersed with exclusive interviews, behind-the-scenes stories, archive talks and catchup presentations of selected talks from TEDxYouth@Sydney.

The TEDxSydney live stream will broadcast from from 8:45am until 6:15pm Australian EST. Find out what’s on when by downloading our schedule, or view online.

There are two locations that you can watch the livestream:

– on the TEDxSydney web site at

– for the first time, it will also be livestreamed on Facebook, on the Facebook page of our partner The Sydney Morning Herald



> Join the community and watch live at one of over 200 TEDxSydney Satellites

You don’t have to watch the livestream all on your own – far from it! Why not share the experience with your colleagues, your community or your friends at one our local, self-organised TEDxSydney Satellites, thanks to our Presenting Partner Optus.

This year, we have over 200 satellites registered, meaning tens of thousands of people all over Australia will be attending an official TEDxSydney satellite.

They are a great opportunity for anyone to watch the day’s talks and performances live, network and connect with members of the TEDxSydney community and participate in lively discussions post-talks.

To help locate a Satellite near you, click here to view a map of this year’s satellites and select any marked ‘public event’, which anyone can attend, free of charge.

And if you want to host your event, and can together people together in time, click here to sign up!

> Follow the story on social media

All of our social channels will be drafted into play this Wednesday, you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Our hashtag is, simply, #tedxsydney. We’ll be posting questions to and responses from our speakers throughout the day – watch out for the prompts!

Get the inside track on our speakers by watching our video series – ‘Meet The Speakers’ – on our web site and on Facebook.

> Share your TEDxSydney ‘Yes’ Moments

Brought to you by Optus, the TEDxSydney App has been developed to connect you via your ‘Yes’ moments. By tagging those ideas that move you, a special algorithm developed by our partners at Vivant will allow you to connect in real time with like-minded members of our community.  Stay tuned for your ‘Yes’ moments summary after the event to see how our community as a whole responded to the ideas on the day. To participate, make sure you download the TEDxSydney app so you can tag and share your Yes Moments this Wednesday.

Download for iOS | Download for Android



> Reach into your cupboard and help over 500 charities

We’re asking everyone attending a live TEDxSydney event to bring a can of food along on Wednesday 25 May. As part of the Cupboard2Cause Campaign supported by our Partner AlphaSys, these cans will be collected by Foodbank to be distributed among their 560 partner charities.

All of our Satellites have been asked to participate, the biggest of which are the public events held by our Principal partners, University of Sydney and St.George Bank (check here for event details).

Head on down with your donations to take part. The Cupboard2Cause Campaign demonstrates how the simple act of reaching into your cupboard can support a worthy cause. Bring a can and make a difference.