TEDxSydney 2021 – Discovery Sessions

Following the success of Discovery Sessions, introduced to the TEDxSydney Main Event online in 2020, we are bringing this interactive element of our program back and we have got a powerhouse lineup of collaborators to inspire, encourage, inform and get you moving!

Discovery Sessions will be held throughout the day, via our online platform, in between main stage sessions. From indoor plant care, to regenerative economies, a movement class and a no-holds-barred conversation about post-pandemic sex – it’s time to get discovering …


Indoor Plant Care  – LEAF SUPPLY

For the love of plants: all you need to know to make your indoor jungle thrive. Lauren and Sophia of Leaf Supply believe that plants make people happy. In this session they chat about some of the basics of indoor gardening. Knowing how to care for your plants will ensure that they thrive. From learning the top tips for watering, light, potting mix, fertiliser and humidity, to a list of their favourite plants, and why they love them, you’ll leave inspired to grow an indoor jungle of your very own.


Sexuality After the Pandemic – NORMAL

Covid has been been the most widespread disruption of sex, dating and relationships since World War II. Your hosts – a sex coach and the founder of – have heard every question about lockdown sex, midday masturbation, Covid-safe sex, sexual confidence and modern dating… and they’re here to give you the answers. In a no-holds-barred workshop, they share insights into how the pandemic has changed our sexual habits, how we’re feeling about opening up and how to have your best sex life in a post-pandemic world. Take time to reflect and re-engage with your sexual self, with a workshop everyone needs right now.


Simple Ideas that Change the World of Work – LINKEDIN

Have you ever wanted to drive positive change at work? Meet the Changemakers in Australia – the LinkedIn members, creators and educators changing the world of work. This practical session with Dr. Amantha Imber, Carly Findlay OAM, Toby Thorpe and Brenda Gaddi will uncover ideas and inspire Aussies on how to make positive progress in the workplace.


Mindful Movement – Find your flow –  BINDI BOSSES

Join Shyamla, Ragavi and Divya from BINDI BOSSES, a progressive South Asian Fusion Performing Arts company, and learn how to connect with yourself and the world around you through movement. This Discovery Session will combine mindfulness and movement to balance mind, body and spirit through channeling the elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire.


Why The Pandemic Made You Cranky and Exhausted and How to Reverse It – DELIA MCCABE

Most people never think about how their stress hormones are made, but it’s something we should all become very knowledgeable about, especially after the last 18+ months. Adrenalin and cortisol need specific nutrients to be made, unfortunately the same ones that are needed to make energy and allow us to have restful and rejuvenating sleep. When we run out of these nutrients, we feel cranky and exhausted, and experience brain fog and memory loss. This situation leads to us ageing quickly and we also become susceptible to mood disorders like anxiety and depression unless we know what to do to counter this nutrient loss. Hint: It’s not copious amounts of dietary supplements! 


Transforming Economies to Serve People and Nature – COREO 

Imagine if we were able to create an economy that serves people and nature, rather than one that people and nature serve. Our linear take, make, waste economy is fast becoming an impossible equation. Using shared understanding as the multiplier, Jaine and Ash will bring you into the loop on the circular economy. Let’s get empowered to design our way into a gorgeous future.


What Does Good Look Like for Sydney? – REGEN

Join Regen Sydney as we explore the possibilities of a regenerative local economy – and meet some inspiring people doing extraordinary things along the way.

Regenerative ‘Doughnut’ Economics provides us with a creative new lens through which we can see a better future and move towards it together. The ‘Doughnut’ itself consists of two concentric rings: a social foundation, to ensure that no one is left falling short on life’s essentials, and an ecological ceiling, to ensure that humanity does not collectively overshoot the planetary boundaries that protect Earth’s life-supporting systems. Cities and countries all around the world are taking up this exciting model and finding new ways to ‘live inside the Doughnut’. 


Readying Our Children For a Data-Driven Future – LEON BOMBOTAS

We are living through a technological revolution that is fundamentally altering the way we live, work, and relate to one another. Whilst we do not yet know just how it will unfold, one thing is clear: if our children are to thrive in the coming age, we need to teach them a whole new set of skills.


Building Modern Leaders For the Great Realignment – LINKEDIN


The last two years of uncertainty has given rise to pandemic epiphanies about the meaning and purpose of work – importantly, it catalysed a fundamental rethink of careers and employee expectations. As a result, new leaders emerged. They provided purpose and flexibility, but most notably, they surfaced the question: is it time up for traditional, pre-pandemic leadership traits? Join leadership expert Dr Kirstin Ferguson and CEO Sunita Gloster as they debate the role of leadership in the new normal, debunk the myth that leaders are born and not made, and prepare leaders for the great employment reshuffle.


Reaching Gender Equality in the New Digital Economy – LINKEDIN 

Australian women are under-represented in digital jobs. That’s a fact. But, with the acceleration of digitalisation in the workforce, change is possible. Companies can help achieve greater gender parity by attracting and driving female representation in tech and re-shaping the focus of the industry by putting purpose at the centre. Thankfully, there are three power women in the industry who are already leading the charge. LinkedIn’s Public Policy and Economic Graph manager, Audrey Lobo Pulo speaks with CEOs Melinda Cilento, Kate Pounder, and Sally-Ann Williams in this thought-provoking session on why and how we can excite more women to join the sector.