TEDxYouth@Sydney 2016 – Disney World For Thinkers

Sarah Gaul

TEDxSydney 2016 · 25 May 2016

Since 2010, TEDxYouth events have been held around the world, specifically aimed at younger audiences. Starting at 60 events worldwide in the first year, they have grown rapidly since, with Sydney now very much at the forefront of that growth. This year, the TEDxYouth@Sydney event will have an attendance of 2,400 and run simultaneously with the TEDxSydney event at the Sydney Opera House, on the same day – Wednesday 25 May.

TEDxYouth@Sydney is made by young people, for young people. The event facilitates a dynamic platform for young change-makers, thinkers, activists and entrepreneurs to share ideas and transform the world, bringing together some of Australia’s most ingenious and diverse young
voices. It is a hub for storytelling, the exchange of ideas, and a gathering of minds, attracting people who want to meet and make a positive impact and difference in the world.

A sellout last year –and on track to do so again this year – the event has already produced some memorable talks and nurtured the discussion of some fundamental ideas.

One of the most popular talks from the 2015 event was Dr. Alan Duffy’s ‘The Power of Simple Questions’.

In his talk, Dr. Duffy (pictured above) raises the fundamental importance of simplicity and clarity in all fields of research and study by suggesting – simply – “the best way to get to the heart of the matter is to ask a simple question.” Be it for science and astronomy, as it was for Dr. Duffy, or any other area of study, this attitude is a license to unleash creativity and curiosity on the world as a general approach.

Dr. Duffy’s talk is more than just about research and questions however. Universal in its appeal it works to showcase TEDxYouth as more than just a platform for young innovators. Rather, the event is providing an opportunity for young change makers to come together, hear each other’s perspectives, and debate on ideas that will leave a mark on the world.

As he describes it – “TEDxYouth@Sydney is like Disney World for thinkers.”

Importantly, Dr. Duffy notes that part of the power of TEDxYouth is not only in the ideas it raises, but the connections made through addressing those ideas in an open-minded community, on the day. A community that evidently endures beyond the event itself.

He says, “I have found a network or incredibly motivated and talented individuals. My peers who are so young and yet have achieved so much, often in the face of incredible adversity. In meeting them at TEDxSydney (and in many catch-ups since) they have strengthened my own hope and optimism for the future, simply that it contains inspirational people like that.

When asked what he thought about the capacity for TEDxYouth to spread ideas he says, “TEDxYouth is an unsurpassed way to get your ideas in front of the people often missed by mainstream media or engagement approaches. And yet these are exactly the people you want to reach with these exciting ideas.”

Get involved in TedxYouth@Sydney 2016:

  • This year’s TEDxYouth@Sydney conference is set to be the biggest, most exciting, and dynamic yet. With a line up of brilliant, provocative and challenging young speakers, the event is a blend of live talks curated by the talented Youth team, and talks simulcast directly from the Joan Sutherland Concert Hall at the Sydney Opera House.
  • There will be ample opportunity for attendees to make connections, meet new people, ask plenty of questions and discuss the future well into, well, the future.
  • TEDxYouth@Sydney is the one event you cannot miss. You can follow
    TEDxYouth@Sydney on its own unique social media channels – find us on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Tickets for TEDxYouth@Sydney 2016 are now on sale, available either for the full day at $90, or half-day session of $50.

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