Uniquely Engaging TEDxSydney Partnerships

TEDxSydney’s unique approach to partnerships is one that was initially informed by the global TED partnerships team, challenging partners to reach beyond the industry staples of logo placement and trade-show-style booths.

Partnerships at TEDxSydney are ideas-driven, multi-layered and strategic; and we know that this more sophisticated approach to partnering leads to unparalleled levels of engagement and is the secret sauce for both TEDxSydney and its partners over the past 12 years.

When the pandemic arrived denying us the ability to engage physically with our audiences we all had to dig deep into our innovative selves to work out what it was that we represented, and the kind of partner that would have the imagination to look beyond seats in a room and into the minds and hearts of all of the people we touch.

Some of our Partnerships accomplishments:

In 2021 we welcomed Microsoft ANZ as Principal Partner for TEDxSydney 2021. Microsoft ANZ had come to feel that hybrid work had reshaped workplaces in Australia and New Zealand for good, that work is no longer defined by where people gather. It’s about how connected we feel. When the “workplace” is everywhere, leaders must uncover new ways to nurture meaningful connections across their organisations and satisfy our collective desire to BELONG. And so with Microsoft we co-created a programme of events, including the sponsorship of our own TEDxSydney Salon Hybrid Work | The Belonging Imperative that explored an exciting series of questions relating to leadership and the modern day workplace. TEDxSydney was able to use its team of content creation partners to create stories that helped amplify the partnership in the lead up to and past the Main Event. This resulted in thousands of business leaders from across Australia and New Zealand engaging with the Hybrid Work | The Belonging Imperative series.  

In 2021 we also welcomed LinkedIn as a Major Partner for at least the next two years. LinkedIn seeks to drive “Conversations for Change” that inspire Aussies to make positive progress in the world of work, and to uncover simple ideas from our communities that can help make workplaces and businesses more accessible, sustainable, and productive.

TEDxSydney is uniquely skilled at helping its partners tell their brand’s STORY in a truly authentic way. A good example of this was when in 2020 we worked with IKEA on the telling of a really bold sustainability story.

Our team of curators are known for being able to find the best emerging talent/speakers on any subject, those able to share new ideas, inspire and excite. We do it for our main event … and, wearing another more objectives-driven hat, we are happy to do it for the benefit of our partners.

We look forward to doing really exciting and daring work in 2022, and if your brand wants to be seen as innovative, socially responsible and daring and has a story that needs to be told, please let us know.

We’re also hoping to see more people in the room for our Main Event in 2022. This presents a tantalising prospect for team engagement after a tough year in isolation and TEDxSydney is the perfect way to bring teams together, both at the Main Event and during the lead up.

If you are planning for next year we would love to help you imagine ways where we could be involved. Let’s have a meeting in January to see what we can create together. If you’re of a mind to do something exciting and bold in 2022, we can do it together.

Finally, a word of meta thanks to AVANT Agency, the TEDxSydney partner who looks after our partners! AVANT is a sponsorship, marketing and activation company that focuses on brokering partnerships, strategy, account management and business consulting for event rights holders and brands. TEDxSydney has enjoyed working closely and collaboratively with Cassandra Kevin and the team at AVANT since 2015. 

Onward & Upwards


To set up a meeting please contact our Head of Partnerships, Cassandra Kevin: