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Why We Need to Keep Dreaming, Dancing & Doing Things Differently (Q&A) | Amrita Hepi

Amrita Hepi’s talk at TEDxYouth@Sydney 2016 encouraged us to be confident and comfortable in our bodies. In this follow-up interview, she was joined on the TEDxSydneySalon stage by Youth...


To be a Good Dancer, Don’t Give a F**k | Amrita Hepi

Amrita encourages people to be confident and comfortable in their body. The shame associated with our bodies is a result of the gaze that is imposed on it. It’s...


My Journey of Discovery and Joy Through Water Ballet | Pip Hall

Pip Hall co-founded Wet Hot Beauties, a water ballet company for people without synchronized swimming experience. She is also a writer, actor, producer and believer in the art of...

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Speaker Amrita Hepi on What Makes A TEDx Talk Tick

Dancer, writer and activist Amrita Hepi gave her first TEDx talk at Sydney Opera House at the 2016 TEDxYouth@Sydney event.  In the talk, titled To be a Good...

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Partner Video

TEDxSydney Adventures – Amrita Hepi on Arts and Culture

Throughout 2016 and 2017, we're taking a field trip with some of our 2016 alumni speakers as part of the new TEDxSydney Adventures series, presented by Toyota Prius. TEDxSydney Adventures are designed to draw back...


Hank and the Pink Balloon

Tasty Video Bit by The Projects and Paper House Productions for TEDxSydney 2013

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