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Sex work is integral to the feminist movement | Tilly Lawless

Tilly Lawless argues that the pre-occupation of many feminists with eradicating the sex industry, is at the expense of those in it. *Language warning / adult themes


How Design Can Help Fight Poverty

Paul is the principal architect of a practice based in Sydney working on urban, rural and remote area architectural projects throughout Australia and overseas. He is also one of...


A Cure for Ageing?

Can we really cure ageing? David Sinclair thinks so, and he's going to try to prove it. David Sinclair is a scientist and entrepreneur working on increasing human health,...

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Do we have the [Human] energy to be kind?

A recent research collaboration between The University of Sydney Business School and wellbeing company Energx has uncovered a ‘Human Energy Crisis’...


Playlist: TED’s take on love

Whether you’re trying to find love, save your relationship or justify that extra-marital affair with Bob (or Barb) from Accounts, the TED community has come up with some pretty...

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Station Innovation

Target 100, in conjunction with TEDxSydney, invited two people to a remote cattle station in the Northern Territory. Watch their journey as they discover the innovation & technology behind...



Tasty Video Bit by e2 for TEDxSydney 2013

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