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How can we design AI that we trust? | Fang Chen

According to artificial intelligence professional, Dr Fang Chen, "the continual use of technology hinges upon human trust. It’s one of the main roadblocks to overcome". In this fascinating talk,...


Why the stereotypes about millennials are holding us back | Nick Molnar

Millennials are often dismissed as ditsy, superficial, and lacking a strong work ethic. But serial entrepreneur Nick Molnar argues that millennials are the world’s most powerful force, and they’re...


A young inventor uses the past to change the future | Macinley Butson

Macinley Butson, describes two of her acclaimed inventions that were both inspired by ancient technology. These include a device that dramatically improves protection for women from radiation during breast...

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The dangerous act of defecation

You’d never think of yourself as lucky just for having access to a toilet. But try living without one, like 13% of Papua New Guineans do.


How your connection can define the future of technology

Driverless cars, robots conducting high-level surgeries powered by virtual reality headsets, ultra-fast connectivity presenting unfathomable opportunities; the future of technology is bright. But it’s also incredibly seamless, intuitive...


Is social media destroying humankind?

With 1.95 billion daily active users on Facebook and Instagram combined, it’s not outrageous to say that we’ve reached peak social media. As the pendulum begins to...

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Being A Robot Usher | 2016 Film Program

A day in the day in the life of the newest employee at the Sydney Opera House. Directed by Ian Williamson & Russ Tucker Screened at TEDxSydney 2016


Station Innovation

Target 100, in conjunction with TEDxSydney, invited two people to a remote cattle station in the Northern Territory. Watch their journey as they discover the innovation & technology behind...

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