Can citizen participation save our toxic politics? | Jess Scully

Jess Scully

TEDxSydney 2020 · 6 November 2020

With a burst of optimism and positivity, the Deputy Lord Mayor of Sydney and Ideas Curator, Jess Scully shares what she calls the “transformative potential of people-powered politics”. Drawing on examples from around the world, Scully demonstrates why politics as usual is no longer viable and that it is time for a more nuanced and participatory approach to democracy. She argues that “the system that got us into this mess, can’t be relied upon to get us out of it”. Jess Scully is a curator who uses creativity to build a sustainable and inclusive future. In 2019 she was elected as Deputy Lord Mayor of the City of Sydney. Jess has charted a unique career over twenty years; founding ground-breaking festival Vivid Ideas, Australia’s largest creative industries event; supporting emerging talent through projects such as the Qantas Spirit of Youth Awards; undertaking structural interventions for culture as a policy advisor; transforming public space as a public art curator and telling stories as a radio host and magazine editor. As a Councillor, Jess seeks to expand who plays a role in shaping the life of the city. She is working on reviving nightlife and supporting creative production, opening up public space for more people-first uses and advocating for new models to address the housing crisis. Her first book, Glimpses of Utopia, was published by Pantera Press in August 2020