Dark Patterns: How design seeks to control us | Sally Woellner

Sally Woellner

TEDxSydney 2021 – Online · 26 November 2021

Designer Sally Woellner takes us into a world of Dark Patterns, highlighting how the websites and apps we use daily have very specific, and sometimes dangerous, intentions brought to life through UX/UI and graphic design. During this insightful talk, Sally advocates for design to be more transparent in hopes of designing a better world. Sally Woellner is currently a Product Design Group Lead at Canva. She is an experienced creative leader and designer, who loves working in product design, branding, advertising, and a huge range of digital media—and has been recently recognised as one of the Women Leading Tech by B&T and Google and is one of Australia’s leading experts in creative technologies. She previously led the design direction of a campaign for World Vision that garnered worldwide attention and eventually led to all 119 children on Nauru to be relocated within 6 months of the campaign going live, which solved a 5 year problem.

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