How Does Poor Representation Shape Our Youth? | James J. Robinson

James J. Robinson

TEDxYouth@Sydney 2019 · 4 April 2019

James J Robinson explores the issue around media diversity from a more personal angle. Working within the parameters of poetic realism, he unpacks why he shoots what he does, and the message he hopes to send. James J Robinson is a photographer and filmmaker from Melbourne based in New York. With an academic background rooted both in literature and cinema, each project is loaded with a calculated subtext beyond the lights and colours.

At just 23 he has shot for major clients across the globe from The New York Times to Nike, as well as working with celebrity figures including Kylie Jenner and Rihanna. Despite commercial success, Robinson aims to keep his work grounded in celebrating the lives of everyday people – choosing to use his work as a conduit for social change and identity politics.