Playing with risk: The dangers of thinking safe | Mike Hewson

Mike Hewson

TEDxSydney 2022 · 5 August 2022

Playgrounds should be safe. But should they also be risky? In this charming and creative talk, artist and engineer, Mike Hewson asks us to consider what we lose when we focus on eliminating risk from our worlds. And why exploratory and risk-taking behaviour should be encouraged in each and every one of us.

Mike Hewson is a visual artist with a background in structural engineering and heavy-civil construction. His award-winning projects pioneer new ways to merge conceptual art projects into the public realm. Hewson works to prove we can in fact do things that are considered untenable in a public setting. Each project aims to catalyse fresh conversation about how the bureaucratic and managerial aspects of power are shaping our public lives, asking if we like that shape or if we’d like to consider other options.

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