Underwater | Joyride


TEDxSydney 2019 · 24 May 2019

Australian performer, Joyride performs his song, Underwater at TEDxSydney 2019 As a musician, performer, DJ and social maverick, Joyride has entrenched himself as one of the biggest personalities in Australian music. His work with the One Day Crew and The Meeting Tree has seen him nominated for an ARIA and play some of the biggest events in the country – from major festivals like Splendour In The Grass to the immensely popular One Day Sunday block parties.

Joyride released his debut solo album, Sunrise Chaser, in November 2018 via Dew Process and Universal Music Australia. A 15-song epic that showcases the big man’s immense talent, the record is loosely based around the theme of what Joyride describes as, “a collection of stories about being 20-something legends on the weekend in the Inner West. It explores the emotional spectrum that exists between Friday and Monday, including the bits we maybe try not to explore all the time.”

As one of the most loved members of the Australian music community, Joyride is a dedicated artist, widely recognised for his talent, quick wit and off-the-cuff humour (see: any interview he’s ever done) and compelling live performances.

As Joyride say, “stories aren’t just told, they’re seen and heard and felt and smelt. Music is meant to be shared.”