(Un)real-time: a performance | Alon Ilsar & Ciaran Frame

Alon Ilsar & Ciaran Frame

TEDxSydney 2021 – Online · 26 November 2021

In our modern times, the distance between magic and technology have seemingly dissolved. In this performance by Alon Ilsar, sound and gesture collide in a journey through electronic music. Hidden circuits, unseen software and invisible processes conjure sound and light at the flick of a finger, as if by magic.

In collaboration with co-composer and sound designer Ciaran Frame, percussionist and instrument designer Alon Ilsar plays, dances, gestures and listens with (un)real instruments, (un)real technology and (un)real music-making – all in (un)real-time.

Alon Ilsar is an Australian-based drummer, composer, instrument designer and researcher. He is the co-designer of a new gestural instrument for electronic percussionists, the AirSticks, and is currently researching the uses of the AirSticks at Monash University’s SensiLab in the field of health and well being, making music creation more accessible to the broader community. Alon holds a PhD in instrument design through the University of Technology Sydney.

Ciaran Frame is a composer, media artist and researcher currently based in Melbourne, passionate about cross-disciplinary collaboration and education, seeking a place in the world of data, technology and music. He has found a home in interactive and generative computer music, creating everything from sonification toolboxes to make music out of plants, to performance works where players must purchase their musical material.