Why eat chicken, pork and beef, when we can design something better? | George Peppou

George Peppou

George Peppou understands that there is a global crisis when it comes to meat consumption. Cell grown meat allows meat-eaters to continue to eat delicious foods, without having to harm or breed any animals. But for George, it also offers another exciting opportunity. Globally, chicken, beef and pork have come to dominate our menus … but if we can grow meat in a factory, outside of an animal, why not design something new entirely? Something better? George is a co-founder and CEO of Sydney based food-tech startup, Vow. Vow aims to produce meat that is better than the meat we eat today, creating the tantalising and unique culinary experiences. Vow does this by culturing the cells of animals, from both species we eat today and those we could never farm, creating a range of cell ingredients which can be turned into a wide variety of products – all produced using the same manufacturing process.

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