Why environmental conservation won’t save nature | Lesley Hughes

Lesley Hughes

TEDxSydney 2021 – Online · 26 November 2021

The environment is facing unprecedented challenges in the 21st Century. Yet, we’re still trying to solving new problems with out-dated thinking set by conservationists in the 1940s… Lesley Hughes is passionate about the environment and has spent her career studying the impact of the Climate Crisis, but she refuses to call herself a conservationist any longer. If we’re going to save the environment (and the planet), it’s time to stop looking backwards for inspiration.

Lesley Hughes is Distinguished Professor of Biology and Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research Integrity & Development) at Macquarie University. Her principal research interest has been the impacts of climate change on species and the implications for conservation. She is a former Lead Author in the IPCC’s 4th and 5th Assessment Report, a former federal Climate Commissioner and now a Councillor with the Climate Council of Australia. She is also a member of the Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists.