TEDxSydneySalon Live

Watch the stream of our TEDxSydneySalon from Wednesday 15 February 2017.

TEDxSydneySalons are intimate, evening events combining talks, films and music, designed to spark discussion and debate.

The February 2017 Salon investigated the theme of technology and included 2016 TEDxSydney speaker Jordan Nguyen, a visionary writer, and engineer whose life-changing work focuses on intelligent, futuristic and inclusive technology for the disability sector; Jessica Irwin, a woman born with a high level of cerebral palsy and with an equally high level of self-determination and raw talent; John Goh, a school principal from Merrylands in South Western Sydney whose innovative practices using disruptive technologies are transcending traditional school learning, and Alice Gorman, an internationally recognised leader in the emerging field of space archaeology.

Watch the archive livestream of the Salon below and through our Facebook page.