Host Your Own TEDxSydney Satellite 2020

You don’t need to be at TEDxSydney to be a part of our events.

We love everyone to be a part of TEDxSydney events and that’s why we invite you to live stream them.

Coming up, you have the opportunity to register for the live broadcast of our TEDxSydney 2020 Flagship event.

The event will be interspersed with exclusive interviews and backstage access and streamed via our website to your community.


What is the TEDxSydney Satellite Program about?

The TEDxSydney Satellite Program launched in 2013 and since then more than 50,000 people have participated in the program from all over the world.

If you register to host a TEDxSydney Satellite event, you can share the experience with your colleagues, your community or your friends.

You can create your TEDxSydney Satellite event anywhere: at work, at home, in a café, a library or even in the park. All you need is a screen, a good internet connection, and an open mind.


What can you create by hosting your own TEDxSydney Satellite event?

  • Motivate your team with new ideas.
  • Invite others to get inspired by the ideas that are shaping our future.
  • Create a team bonding event.
  • Invite people to choose which talks they want to see and engage with their favourite topics.
  • Help us spread ideas and give more people the opportunity to step inside the world of TEDxSydney.


TEDxSydney 2020 will happen on Friday 6 November 2020 from 9am  to 6pm AEST


How to start?

1) Apply now to become a TEDxSydney 2020 Satellite HOST

2) Read this document where you will everything you need to know to host your own TEDxSydney 2020 Satellite Event.


If you have any questions about hosting a Satellite event please email and a member of our team will get back to you.