As an independently organised event, licensed from TED, TEDxSydney is a not-for-profit venture that relies on the generosity of its Partners and Donors to make the annual event everything it can be.

Our Donors relish the uniquely tailored event day experience, with a wide range of exclusive benefits, and the opportunity to be more closely connected with the TEDxSydney family. Find out more about becoming a Donor for 2020.

Our Donors For 2019

Alex Jenkins, Anouk Lee, Bahar Etminan, Christine Butorac, Claire Mawdsley, Clarette Crame, Elisa Tseng, Geoff Wilson, Gorge Jovanov, Grant Steward, Ian Pollard, Jason Turner,  Joel Brunell, Kane Wylie, Karen Wilson, Kerrie McVicker, Lexi Airey, Maree Walter, Maria Jovanova, Mark Kelly, Matthew Sullivan, Michael Downy, Niwaeli Mburuja, Senta Hoyne, Sharon Grunwald, Simon Phin, Stanika Jovanova, Stephenie Rodriguez, Tracey Mythen, Zlatko Jovanov.