Andrew Parker

Biologist and Designer


Andrew Parker studied marine biology and physics at the Australian Museum and Macquarie University, and then moved to Oxford University. After founding the 'Light Switch Hypothesis' – that the Big Bang of evolution was triggered by the evolution of the eye – he now works on biomimetics, copying good design found in nature. This includes hummingbird colours for paints, non-reflective surfaces on insect eyes for solar panels, and water-capture devices in Namibian beetles for collecting clean drinking water in Africa. He was selected as a 'Scientist for the New Century' by The Royal Institution (London) and wrote the popular science books In the Blink of an Eye and Seven Deadly Colours (Simon & Schuster). Today he is a Research Leader at The Natural History Museum, London and Green Templeton College, Oxford University.



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Andrew Parker studied marine biology and physics at the Australian...


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