Diego Murillo



Diego Murillo

Diego Murillo is a Peruvian Australian cinematographer and filmmaker, born and raised in Western Sydney. He has a passion for filmmaking and believes it can be used as a powerful tool to uplift under-represented voices and to create positive change.

Diego graduated from Western Sydney University in 2019, with a Bachelor of Communications (media arts). He has been working with CuriousWorks since 2017 and has been a part of various projects such as Las Rosas, Beyond Refuge and CuriousTV! Diego is an aspiring cinematographer and director and has experience in skills such as camera operation, photography, editing, social media, visual effects and many more. Diego is also under the name PonchoHatFilms, which operates as a collective of creatives making music videos, documentaries and commercial projects.

Diego believes in having dedication and concentration to make good art but to create great art is to collaborate with other creatives and the community. He aims to support and work with artists and to build a positive Western Sydney media arts identity.