Emily Parsons-Lord


Emily Parsons-Lord is an emerging cross-disciplinary artist whose practice is informed by research and critical dialogue with materials and climate science, through investigation into air, both materially and culturally.
Exploring air as both a dynamic physical material and an amorphous subconscious site to project imagination, as well as consider scale between the individual and the planet, her work queries the cultural understanding of Anthropogenic traces in air: “Anthropo(s)cenery”. This area of research interrogates notions of the ‘natural’ and considers deep history and speculative futures for the environment, and the role of humans in this relationship. Tragi-humour and futility are often used as access points into the content of climate change, human obscurity and folly, and scale.



Picturing the Air Around Us | Emily Parsons-Lord

Emily Parsons-Lord asks us to picture the air in our imagination. What do we see? Empty space, clear blue sly or trees dancing in the breeze? We tend not...

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