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James Bevington


A passion for all things science defines the work of researcher James Bevington as he explores the boundaries of life as we know it. Currently a PhD student at the University of New South Wales, James is involved in experiments conducted on the International Space Station focused on such things as determining the plausibility of life on Mars and developing biological production systems for space-based applications. His education in engineering, earth sciences, space studies, and microbiology make him uniquely qualified to tackle such multidisciplinary projects.

As the Commander of the NASA funded Mission 5 for HI-SEAS, James recently carried out an eight month simulated mission to Mars. He and his five crew mates lived in isolation on a barren landscape with their only contact to the outside world through messages with a 20 minute each way communication delay.




What I learned about conflict from living on “Mars” | James Bevington

Surely six people living in isolation for eight months as part of a simulated mission to Mars would experience some epic conflicts, right? James Bevington, the commander of Mission...

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