Kim Graham-Nye


Kim Graham-Nye is irrepressible when it comes to ending nappy waste.  With one cup of oil in each nappy and 450 billion nappies entering landfills or our oceans every year – nappies are a dirty business.  Kim and her husband Jason founded gDiapers in 2005 – introducing the worlds first Cradle to Cradle Certified nappy and created the “hybrid”nappy category globally.  In 2011, Kim was named as one of Fortune Magazines “Top 10 Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs in America” and in 2015 the World Economic Forum named their new gCycle project– as one of the top five disruptive technologies leading the Circular Economy.

Kim and Jason are determined to shift the global nappy industry from oil based to renewable based; from landfill bound to resource generation; and from a burden to our children to an inspiration in how to re-imagine consumer goods in a circular economy.

In short, nappies will no longer be a dirty word.



Changing disposable diapers: No plastic. No landfill. No waste. | Kim Graham-Nye

Diapers/nappies are single use plastic contributing to the global plastic waste crisis. We need solutions that go beyond recycling and stop plastic pollution at the source. We need to...

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