Nicole Gurran


Nicole Gurran is Professor of Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Sydney, where she leads Urban Housing Lab@Sydney and directs the University’s AHURI (Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute) research centre.

Nicole’s research focuses on intersections between urban planning and the housing system and she has led and collaborated on a series of studies on aspects of urban policy, housing, sustainability and planning, funded by AHURI, the Australian Research Council, as well as state and local government. Her current research is examining affordable rental supply, informal housing provision, and the impacts of online holiday rental platforms for local communities.

Nicole has authored and co-authored numerous publications and books including Politics, Planning and Housing Supply in Australia, England and Hong Kong,(Routledge, July 2016), Australian Urban Land Use Planning: Principles, Policy, and Practice (2011), and Urban Planning and the housing market (2017, Palgrave).



Housing Crisis? How about Housing Solution. | Nicole Gurran

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