Sara Morawetz


Sara Morawetz is an interdisciplinary artist whose work explores the processes that underpin scientific action, examining how these concepts can be leveraged through artistic inquiry. Interested in the ‘Scientific Method’ and its philosophical implications, her work is devised to test and expose the internal processes of methodological labour. Her practice examines how concepts of observation, experimentation, method and standardisation operate as both scientific and cultural apparatus, exploring the dichotomies inherent in these dual perspectives. 

Her recent projects have incorporated diverse collaborations between the arts and sciences, including partnerships with scientists from NASA, MIT and NIST.

Sara’s work has been exhibited throughout Australia and internationally including exhibitions at the Museé des Arts et Métiers (Paris), the Australian Consulate-General New York (New York) and a winner of the 2017 Vida Lahey Memorial Travelling Scholar (QAGOMA Foundation).






Walking in search of the metre | Sara Morawetz

What is a metre –– is it approximately an arm’s length? An average stride? Or is it something more –– something scientific? Artist Sara Morawetz embarked on a journey...

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