Solli Raphael


Solli Raphael is an award-winning Slam Poet who, at only 12 years of age, won the  2017 National Slam Poetry title in an all-adult poetry competition at the Sydney Opera House.

As an eager home-schooling high-school student who has been placed two years ahead of his grade for most subjects, the now 13-year-old Solli enjoys writing powerful and emotive poetry based on his understandings of the world around him, with a hope to influence positive changes – one dynamic word at a time.

Having performed at national and international conferences, events and festivals as a slam poet and public speaker, as well as in a music collaboration using his poetry with multi-instrumentalist, Adam Page, Solli has already found himself receiving accolades for his inspirational input into the lives of youth across Australia.

From breaking stereotypes to kid-relatable experiences and environmental activism, Solli tackles many interesting topics in poetic form.



We Can Be More – a 13-year-old poet’s campaign to save the world | Solli Raphael

13-year-old poet, Solli Raphael, a  asks "what kind of human are you, what kind am I?" Solli's unique and emotive poetry aims to explore human action towards environmental sustainability.

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