Steffie Yee

Director & Illustrator


Steffie Yee

Steffie Yee 余淑婷 is an animation director and illustrator, whose work weaves together digital and mixed-media processes involving stop-motion, ink, pencil, video, and 2D & 3D animation. With a background in music, her animation style is driven by the synergy between sound and image.

Steffie’s work has screened internationally at film festivals, including at the Atlanta Film Festival, Melbourne International Film Festival, and Palm Springs ShortFest, where her stop-motion film The Lost Sound (2018) received two nominations for Best Animated Short and Best Animated Student Short. In the online space, Steffie’s work has earned features on Vimeo Staff Picks, Motionographer, Aeon Video and BOOOOOOOM TV.

Beyond her personal art practice, Steffie’s work has appeared in projects for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), Warner Music, Vimeo, the University of Technology Sydney, PinkPantheress, Sam Smith, Justin Bieber, The Free Nationals, Chinatown Sydney, and more.


The Lost Sound (2018)

Synopsis: A woman looks at the inheritance of language in her family and laments what is lost when a language is lost.

Background: The Lost Sound is a short animated film created using strata-cut plasticine, coloured pencil, paper and ink. The short film utilises a rare stop-motion technique, known as strata-cut animation, in which plasticine sculptures are constructed, sliced open, and photographed frame by frame.