One Man Band


Tjupurru is a proud descendant of the Djabera Djabera tribe of the West Australia Kimberleys. Tjupurru plays a unique slide Didjeridu; named ‘The Didjeribone’ because it can slide through different notes and tones – a cross between a didj and a trombone. He picks up his sound through a device called the ‘Face Bass’, a seismic microphone implanted inside his mouth. With the addition of sampling and electronic effects, Tjupurru has enabled himself to perform as a “one man band” … creating live samples and looping them to create songs and soundscapes that criss-cross many musical genres.



Burad: Tjupurru and the Bulldawadda

Burad meaning White Breasted Eagle in the Badjtala language of the Fraser Coast region, is a story that shares the important teaching of how one watches the natural environment...


Tjupurru: Didjeribone Performance

A proud descendant of the Djabera Djabera of Western Australia's Kimberley area, Tjuppuru plays a unique slide didjeridu, the Didjeribone, through a seismic transducer and a range of electronic...

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