Four ways to live a better and happier life | Dominic Price

Dominic Price

TEDxSydney 2020 · 6 November 2020

We all strive to be a better person. We want people to think well of us, and we’re constantly weighing up whether our actions are the right thing to do. Most of all, we want to be happy, yet often it feels like we need to choose between the two. But what if being a better person also holds the key to lasting happiness?

In this powerful talk, Dom Price demonstrates the steps to get you there. Born to Joy in the harsh Manchester Winter of 77, Dominic has a career that has reached far and wide through Europe, US and Asia PAC. Dom has responsibilities spanning 7 global R&D centres, and is our in house “Team Doctor” helping Atlassian scale by being ruthlessly efficient and effective, with one eye on the future. Dom helped pioneer our Team Playbook and has personally run hundreds of sessions with our teams globally. Dom is proud to work at Atlassian, the home of the most intelligent t-shirt wearers in business, as the Work Futurist.

A keen traveller, Dom has traversed over 50 countries so far, but after 15 years on these shores, he calls Australia home.