John Treadgold


John Treadgold helps organisations measure their impact. After working with fund managers, aid projects and the United Nations, he’s now focussed on the new breed of businesses who are embracing sustainability as a competitive advantage.

And this is the topic of his podcast, Good Future, which explores how you can make money while also making a difference in the world. You can listen here.



The perils of measurement

If you can't measure it, you can't manage it, as they say. But now that quantifying everything has become the norm, we need to question the metrics we’re using. 


5 ways TEDxSydney lead the way for sustainable events

I used to love going to music festivals, but the sea of plastic bottles left behind always made me feel guilty. As I got older, conferences began to replace...


Sustainability is the only legacy that matters

The future is created by the decisions we make today. Yikes, that’s a pretty big responsibility, sorry to lay it on you so heavy. But, it’s also...

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