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Nick Molnar


Afterpay Co-Founder and CEO Nick Molnar has raised the profile of ‘FinTech’ immensely over the last 12 months and at the tender age of only 27, he is one to watch for years to come. With his retail experience and out of the box thinking, Nick brings a refreshing addition to the retail space; an industry that was still tied to traditional financial models and practices.

Nick has been in the online retail industry for close to 10 years. A born entrepreneur, Nick started selling jewellery at school and soon realised how to create a successful business online. Prior to establishing Afterpay, Nick launched leading American online jeweller,, into Australia which he successfully grew to become the largest online-only jewellery and watch retailer. From becoming the most successful jewellery store on eBay to launching, it was just a matter of time before he embarked on his next venture.

Nick is a true leader in every sense of the word. He leads through example and inspires his staff every day. He is the quintessential multi-talented entrepreneur possessing the rare ability to effortlessly transition from consumer finance to consumer marketing and everything in between. He is not one to shy away from hard work and despite his obvious success, remains incredibly humble.

A few achievements include:

  • Afterpay successfully listed on the Australian Securities Exchange in May 2016
  • Since listing, Afterpay has grown to 840,000 customers and 6000 retailers
  • Afterpay has processes 15 per cent of total online fashion sales in Australia



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