Tilly Lawless - Speaker at TED Talks Event in Sydney


Tilly Lawless


Tilly Lawless is a queer, Sydney-based sex worker who is passionate about horses, sex worker rights and feminism. She utilises her online platform to speak about her personal experiences within the sex industry, in an attempt to shine a light on the every day stigma that sex workers come up against. Growing up in rural NSW, her writing is often a bucolic love letter to the countryside that she comes from, and also a deeply intimate insight into queer romance and relationships. You can read her writing in various publications, but it’s best going straight to the source and reading it directly from her Instagram, @tilly_lawless, which she uses as an incredibly transparent analysis of herself, her life and her motivations. 




Sex work is integral to the feminist movement | Tilly Lawless

Tilly Lawless argues that the pre-occupation of many feminists with eradicating the sex industry, is at the expense of those in it. *Language warning / adult themes

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