TEDxSydney 2017

16 June 2017

ICC Sydney, 14 Darling Drive, Sydney, NSW 2000

Our flagship TEDxSydney event is a unique and vital day of talks, films, music and debate, and is one of the largest TEDx events in the world. TEDxSydney 2017 took place on Friday 16 June at our new home at ICC Sydney, Darling Harbour, allowing us to welcome a record number of attendees into our TEDxSydney community.

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2017 TEDxSydney TalksVideos of all the TEDxSydney 2017 talks are now available below.

2017 Meet The Speaker Series: Interviews and articles featuring many of our speakers and performers.

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  • Mike Cannon-Brookes, co-founder and co-CEO of the software company Atlassian
  • Uncle Jack Charles, award-winning actor, Aboriginal elder and musician
  • Jordan Raskopoulos, comedian, actor, singer and co-creator of The Axis of Awesome
  • Sarah Houbolt, Paralympic swimmer and circus performer
  • David Hunt, award winning Australian historian, satirist and author
  • Tom Griffiths, Professor of Psychology and Cognitive Science at Berkeley University
  • Bronwyn King, Australian radiation oncologist
  • Scott Griffiths, researcher of male body dissatisfaction and eating disorders
  • Judy Atkinson, community worker and academic in the fields of violence, trauma and healing
  • David Power, helping to end the threat of illegal fishing and overfishing to Pacific Island communities
  • Mariam Veiszadeh, a lawyer, diversity practitioner and social commentator
  • Peter Greste, an award-winning foreign correspondent
  • Jane Gilmore, a journalist with a strong focus on data journalism and feminism
  • Elanor Huntington, one of the world’s only female Deans of Engineering
  • Sarah Blasko, acclaimed singer, songwriter, musician and producer
  • Gawurra, award-winning Yolngu singer-songwriter
  • Ngaiire, one of Australia’s most unique and fearless musicians
  • Cash Savage and The Last Drinks, known for their signature brand of country and blues
  • Andy Dexterity, a performance maker recognised for his unique brand of movement, which fuses dance, physical theatre and signed languages
  • Airling, fast becoming one of the most talked about young artists in Australia
  • L-FRESH The LION, prowling the Australian scene, the Western Sydney artist has quickly become renowned for his powerful presence, inspiring live shows and thought-provoking lyricism
  • Stu Hunter, multi award winning Australian composer, producer and pianist


Talks from TEDxSydney 2017


Why We Need Engineers Now More Than Ever | Elanor Huntington

Elanor Huntington argues that now more than ever we need...


The Myths About Violence Against Women In The Media | Jane Gilmore

After seeing the descriptions in headlines and articles about violence...


How Journalism Became One Of The Most Dangerous Jobs In The World | Peter Greste

When foreign correspondent, Peter Greste was arrested in Cairo while...


Rethinking Privilege | Mariam Veiszadeh

People with the most privilege tend not to admit, or...


Securing A Sustainable Future In The Pacific | David Power

Solomon Islands-based diving enthusiast David Power loves turtles and wants...


The Value of Deep Listening – The Aboriginal Gift to the Nation | Judy Atkinson

Judy Atkinson is an expert in understanding inter-generational healing and...


Muscle Dysmorphia – The Male Eating Disorder | Scott Griffiths

While muscle dysmorphia, the 'male' eating disorder - is not...


The Computer Science of Human Decision Making | Tom Griffiths

If you have ever been wracked with indecision over seemingly...


Eliminating Tobacco Companies From Investment Portfolios | Bronwyn King

"When you discover something unjust, even if by accident, you...


Mentoring Indigenous Inmates | Uncle Jack Charles

Australian Actor, writer, Aboriginal elder, former heroin addict, thief and...


Living With High Functioning Anxiety | Jordan Raskopoulos

As a comedian and performer, Jordan Raskopolous does not suffer...


Designing For Function and Universal Access | Sarah Houbolt

Solving challenges related to access for people with disabilities isn’t...


The Art of Forgetting, Australians and their History | David Hunt

Australian Historian and author, David Hunt passionately argues that for...


Imposter Syndrome  | Mike Cannon-Brookes

Mike Cannon-Brookes, co-founder of software company Atlassian, is an Australian...


TEDxSydney 2017 | Andy Dexterity

Our edited performances from 2017 will be available shortly. Until...

Contributors from TEDxSydney 2017


Peter Greste

Peter Greste is an award-winning foreign correspondent who spent 25 years working for...

2016 Fairfax Daily Life Woman of the Year, Mariam...

Elanor Huntington was appointed the Dean of the College of Engineering and Computer...


Jane Gilmore

Jane Gilmore is a freelance journalist, with a strong focus on data journalism and violence against women....

Jordan Raskopoulos is a comedian, musician and digital content creator. She is best...


David Hunt

David Hunt is an historian, writer and satirist. David’s first book, Girt:...


Tom Griffiths

Tom Griffiths is a Professor of Psychology and Cognitive Science at the University...


Scott Griffiths

Scott Griffiths is a National Health and Medical Research Council Fellow at the...


David Power

David is a fisheries manager coming from a background studying marine science and...

Uncle Jack Charles is an actor, musician, potter and gifted performer, but in his 73...


Sarah Houbolt

Sarah Houbolt likes to take risks in the name of leadership. As an...


Bronwyn King

Bronwyn King is a Radiation Oncologist and Founder and CEO of Tobacco Free...

Mike Cannon-Brookes is the co-founder and co-CEO of Atlassian, a collaboration software company...


Judy Atkinson

Emeritus Professor Judy Atkinson retired from formal academic work at the end of...


Andy Dexterity

Andy Dexterity is a Green Room Award-nominated performance maker primarily recognised for his...

The world has fallen in love with Cash Savage and the Last Drinks thanks to...



Stanley Gawurra Gaykamangu is a Yolngu performer hailing from Milingimbi (Yurrwi), North East Arnhem Land...


Stu Hunter

“Stu Hunter is such a dark horse he makes Black Beauty look grey.” - The...



Prowling the Australian scene, Western Sydney artist L-FRESH The LION has quickly become...



Born in Papua New Guinea, Ngaiire spent her first few years in NZ in an...


Sarah Blasko

"Whenever I listen to Sarah Blasko’s albums I feel like I’m navigating a...



Airling (Hannah Shepherd) is fast becoming one of the most talked...