TEDxSydneySalon September 2016

22 September 2016

North Lobby, Tower Two, International Towers, 200 Barangaroo Avenue, Barangaroo

One of the most frequently asked questions we hear from the TEDxSydney community is ‘how can we get together more often?’.  We heeded the call and in September 2016 launched our TEDxSydneySalons – a series of intimate events held across the year, combining talks, films, music and more, presented by Toyota Prius.

Our inaugural Salon focused on the theme of sustainability and took place on Thursday 22 September 2016 at a very special location – the top floor of Tower Two, International Towers at Barangaroo, home to a unique sustainable development plan and, of course, a sensational new view of the city.

The lineup included recycling expert Garth Lamb, who sought to inspire us to take smarter approaches to recover and reuse materials; 2016 TEDxSydney alumni speaker Clara Vuletich talked more about her work in the sustainable fashion space and how we can engage with ethical fashion; ant ecologist and science communicator, Kirsti Abbott looked at our literal relationship with the little things beneath our feet; and Nij Lal talked about the science of solar, and the future of sunshine. Our program also included films and music and a chance for us all to get together after the event to discuss, share and inspire.



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Photo:  Tim Lumsdaine for TEDxSydney


Talks from TEDxSydneySalon September 2016


The Science of Sunshine | Niraj Lal

One in seven households in Australia has solar panels on their roof - more than anywhere else in the world. But what's actually going on in the shiny structures...


How Invasive Ants Dominate Ecosystems | Kirsti Abbott

Kirsti Abbott is an ant ecologist at the University of New England and she loves ants. Her work has taken her to islands in the Pacific including Christmas Island,...


The Dirty Secret in your Rubbish | Garth Lamb

Worldwide we currently throw out more than a billion tonnes of solid waste each year. In this talk, Garth Lamb argues there are “better uses for our rubbish than...


What happens when you throw away your clothes? (Q&A) | Clara Vuletich

TEDxSydney 2016 speaker, Clara Vuletich speaks about her work in the sustainable fashion space and what happens when we throw away our clothes – particularly when it ends up...

Contributors from TEDxSydneySalon September 2016


Clara Vuletich


Garth Lamb


Kirsti Abbott


Niraj Lal


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