The Dirty Secret in your Rubbish | Garth Lamb

Garth Lamb

TEDxSydneySalon September 2016 · 22 September 2016

Worldwide we currently throw out more than a billion tonnes of solid waste each year. In this talk, Garth Lamb argues there are “better uses for our rubbish than a cheap mass burial” and seeks to inspire smarter approaches to recover and reuse materials. He is particularly passionate about facilities that process household mixed waste in order to manufacture a range of useful products and massively reduce the need to bury valuable resources in landfill.

Garth Lamb was hauled into the waste game as the editor of Inside Waste magazine, before moving to Hyder Consulting where he headed up Australia’s leading team of strategic waste advisors. Having worked with all levels of government, and private sector operators, he understands the complexities and challenges around sustainable waste management. He knows we can and must do more to stop trashing our precious natural resources.

In 2014 he decided it was time to get his hands dirty and took up a post with Re.Group, an Australian company that specialises in building and operating infrastructure to recover resources from waste – part of the critical infrastructure required in any modern society.

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