Kick Start your idea with $40,000 thanks to St.George

Andrew Da Silva

I bet you have a cracking business idea. Everyone does, right?

It’s that great idea you had in the shower. It’s jotted down on the back of that napkin. It’s saved on your desktop. It’s a work in progress or it’s only just getting started. No matter what stage your idea is at, you’ve felt that fire in your belly to start something big.

Maybe you need a little kick start to take your idea to the next level? Read on if you’ve got that idea.

Do you have an idea like Patch’d Medical who use AI to provide predictive healthcare data to doctors via a vital sign monitoring patch on patients? Is it more like Iridium Dynamics who develop high-performance, lightweight aircrafts used for mapping and surveying? Or perhaps it’s like Air Buddy which provide divers with the world’s smallest and lightest equipment like their patented tankless technology?

These three ideas have all previously won a St.George Kick Start grant in partnership with TEDxSydney. This year, St.George will again be giving away $100,000 in grants to help give your idea a helpful Kick Start.

You can enter your idea by yourself or as a business in one of two categories.

  • Category 1. A NEW business idea. You’ve recently launched or are about to launch an exciting new business based on your great idea. You may not be trading yet, but have a solid plans in place.
  • Category 2. An idea to grow your EXISTING business. You’ve been running a business for 18 months and want to take your exciting idea to the next level.

Have you got what it takes to Kick Start your awesome idea with St.George? Of course you do.

Visit to find out more and enter.

Here are the important parts:

  • Fire up and get your entries in before 11:59pm on 22 April, 2018.
  • Make sure your entry provides as much detail within the word count to give us a good understanding of the idea.
  • The 12 finalists (6 per category) will pitch their ideas in 60 seconds to judges at the Business Tribe at TEDxSydney 2018
  • Category finalists have a chance to win $40,000

Best of luck, not that you need it!


Photo credit: Kyle Ford

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