TEDxSydney 2024 – A Year of Creative Exploration and Intimate Engagement

As we step into another promising year at TEDxSydney, we’re thrilled to unveil a fresh and innovative event format for 2024, highlighting our enduring partnership with the University of Sydney. This year, our focus is not just on spreading ideas but on creating spaces for meaningful, intimate engagements that resonate with our commitment to Australian creativity and global thought leadership.

The series begins on June 27 with our first salon event centred on the theme of ‘Net Zero.’ At the Big Top at Luna Park, we will gather to delve into sustainability and environmental responsibility—topics that demand urgent action and innovative thinking. As we discuss the paths to achieving net zero, we aim to inspire and empower our community to take actionable steps towards a sustainable future.

Following this, we pivot to the leaders of tomorrow with the TEDxSydney Youth Event on August 29 in Parramatta. This event is specially curated by young visionaries and designed to bridge generational divides, providing a platform for the voices and ideas of emerging leaders who are set to shape the world.

Later in the year, our second salon will explore the ‘Advancements in Artificial Intelligence.’ This gathering will tackle the complex ethical considerations and groundbreaking innovations in AI, encouraging a deep dive into how these technologies will influence our collective future.

Each event is crafted to foster focused discussions and robust exchanges of ideas that are pivotal to contemporary society and its progression. We are proud to facilitate these conversations in partnership with the University of Sydney, as echoed by Professor Mark Scott, Vice-Chancellor and President; “The University of Sydney and TEDxSydney share an ambition to solve the greatest challenges of our time by bringing together brilliant minds from diverse backgrounds in pursuit of a better world.”

We eagerly anticipate the interactions and insights that will emerge from these gatherings. The opportunities presented by net zero and artificial intelligence are vast and varied, and hearing from the unique perspectives of future generations promises to be incredibly enriching.

As we continue to prepare for these exciting events, we invite you to join our community of thinkers, innovators, and changemakers. Registration for the TEDxSydney Salon on Net Zero will open soon—be sure to sign up to be the first to know and secure your spot at what promises to be a remarkable series of events.

TEDxSydney extends special thanks to our Presenting Partner, the University of Sydney, for their unwavering support and collaboration in making these events possible. We look forward to welcoming you to TEDxSydney 2024, a year dedicated to creative exploration and intimate engagement.


Presenting Partner

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