Watch brand new TEDxSydney Talks from our first Salon event

TEDxSydneySalon September 2016 · 22 September 2016

Last month we launched our inaugural TEDxSydneySalons – a series of intimate events combining talks, films, music and more, presented by Toyota Prius. Our first Salon focused on the theme of sustainability and the first talks from the event are now available to watch in the Talks section.

The first Salon talks include:

Ant ecologist Kirsti Abbott who asks us to reimagine our connection with the Earth, by looking more closely at the little things beneath our feet. Kirsti’s work has taken her to Christmas Island, the Indian Ocean and Tokelau in the Pacific to research how swarms of yellow crazy ants are able to gain a stronghold and create super colonies.

Niraj Lal is a Research Fellow at Monash University and the CSIRO working on using nanophotonics for high-efficiency solar cells. In his Salon talk, he examines the science of solar and the future of sunshine.

Garth Lamb works with Re.Group, an Australian company that specialises in building and operating infrastructure to recover resources from waste. He argues that there are “better uses for our rubbish than a cheap mass burial” and seeks to inspire smarter approaches to recover and reuse materials.

Plus, TEDxSydney 2016 speaker Clara Vuletich speaks about her work in the sustainable fashion space and what happens when we throw away our clothes – particularly when they end up in a landfill.


Our next Salon will be held later this year. The first event sold out fast, so stay close to the newsletter and our social channels for lineup and ticketing details.


Photo by Tim Lumsdaine for TEDxSydney

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